New Beginnings…

Welcome to the new This website is one of many things I’m excited about in the upcoming months. WordPress will make the act of updating my site much, much easier than it has been in the past, so hopefully you will be seeing more regular postings. I may also throw in some music blogging in my spare time. I’m sure my vast, vast audience will consume my posts rabidly….

Things coming up: a piece for Flute and Live Electronics is next on the docket. This will be my first foray into this medium, and I am extremely excited about it. Downside: I have a month to write it. This will be interesting.

Also in the somewhat-near future: my awaited piece for flute and electric guitar. I’ve been withholding it due to my rampant perfectionism, but I have some specific ideas for how to rework parts of it. I’m hoping it won’t take very long, but since doctoral applications and thesis writing takes up so much time I won’t get to it until the close of the semester.

The next major project will be a chamber work for fl, cl, vl, vc, pn, and perc. (possibly voice too…but probably not for various reasons.) It will be a bit of time before I’m able to devote myself to that, however.

New audio has been added to the audio sample page! Check it out if you have a chance!

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